The Brand Hamach

About us

Hamach offers complete solutions for fitting out mixing and working areas in a sustainable manner. With its central HCV dust extraction it also provides a tailor-made solution suiting every budget and every market, with a focus on safety, quality, sustainability and innovation. In this way the HCV Pre-separator is the perfect extraction installation to allow potentially explosive dust to be separated during extraction. Engineers from Hamach take a new look at the use of materials, techniques and applications. They know how to achieve more with their ingenuity and knowledge of materials. In short; Hamach is all about design with creative ingenuity. This is the very same ingenuity that the Netherlands is so famous for throughout the world. Be it the Delta Works, the microscope, Bluetooth or Hamach; each and every one are living proof of the exceptional engineering skills to be found in the Netherlands. ‘Thinking out of the box’, that’s Hamach!


The advantages of disposables have been employed for many years in the vehicle repair market. There is a lot going on in the automotive sector, with innovation and sustainability being two important themes. Innovation is manifested by equipping vehicles with modules for autonomous cars. We also see that there are big differences in the world in the demand for vehicles and for types of vehicle.

Ship and yacht building

The ship and yacht building sector is diverse and multi-faceted. Despite the international economic crisis, resulting in a decline in container transport, this industry has enjoyed steady growth. The segments that (continue to) do well are floating workshop construction, dredging, offshore, naval and large yachts. Growing markets such as China, India, Brazil and Russia are compensating for the absence of orders from the ‘old economies’.


The invention of the aircraft has majorly changed how people experience the world. Providing services worldwide, the aviation industry is the backbone of leisure travel and cargo transport. On the crossing of government owned and privately held, this market proofs to be intensely competitive. Our objective is to offer aerospace companies high quality products that are key to successful and efficient creation and repair. Whether we talk about marketing related paint-jobs or creation from scratch, our goal is to improve quality, efficiency and job satisfaction.


Many types of paint are used in industry, particularly for metal products. Four major trends play a role in this sector. Faster economic cycles call for greater adaptability. Scarcity of raw materials and higher energy prices are reflected in costs. Investments in new production technologies are needed to increase productivity and lower relative costs.