Hamach service contract conditions and Hamach HCV warranty


Service and repair for Hamach HCV Central Dust Extraction Systems

The Hamach Central Dust Extraction Systems TQ and HQ require yearly service, based on a service interval recommended by the Hamach Service Department. Hamach offers a standard manufacturer's warranty for the HCV TQ and HQ series, as well as an excellent extended warranty. 

Up to 10 years warranty for Hamach HCV

The Hamach standard warranty period is 24 months for the HCV TQ series and 12 months for the HQ series. If the customer signs up for a Service Contract, Hamach extends the standard warranty period by:

  • 96 months for the HCV TQ series, with a maximum warranty period of 10 years*
  • 24 months for the HCV HQ series, with a maximum warranty period of 3 years*

* After the invoice date.

This extended warranty period is valid only when combined with a Hamach Service Contract and is concluded for a continuous period. 

The Hamach Extended Warranty ensures maximum support for your production process with an HCV TQ/HQ system that is always fully operational. When you choose Hamach, you choose a reliable and durable solution. 

Yearly inspections for continuous performance of Hamach TQ and HQ systems

EMM International is responsible for fulfillment of Service Contracts for all Hamach series, which is performed by the Hamach Service Department or authorized partners. 

The Hamach Service Department provides:

  • Yearly maintenance inspections
  • Unscheduled repairs

Yearly service inspections are performed on the initiative of the Hamach Service Department or its authorized Hamch Service Partners. When it is time for the annual on-site visit, you will be contacted to arrange a suitable date.

In the event of a malfunction of a Hamach machine, a service technician will arive on working days (Monday to Friday) between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or other countries. The response time is always discussed with the Hamach Service Department or the authorized Hamach Service Partners. For more information about authorized Hamach Service Partners abroad, please contact sales@emm.com.

Hamach Service Contract features and conditions

  • Thorough yearly inspection of the complete installation.
  • Inspection of the HCV unit including the motor.
  • Inspection of the filters and the filter cleaning system.
  • Inspection of tube work and extraction points, check for leaks and blockage.
  • Vacuum measurement throughout the system and checking/setting the vacuum valves.
  • Yearly NEN 3140 inspection (required by law) in the Netherlands.
  • We guarantee continuous operation of the HCV system. In case of a system malfunction:
    - Call the Hamach Service Department to arrange a visit to your premise to resolve the issue
    - If the issue cannot be resolved directly on site, a replacement unit can be provided (mobile or central) free of charge in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Replacements in other countries are subject to charges (please enquire). 
  • Service Contract fees are invoices yearly net with a payment term of 30 days.
  • Component replacements are done at a net price.
  • Service hours and travel expenses will not be invoiced.
  • The duration of the Service Contract is 36 months. It is extended without notice unless cancellation in writing (by letter or email) is received at least 3 months before the end of the contract. 
  • All prices are net without VAT. Prices are determined based on costs applicable at the time concerned. Prices are subject to change. 

Not included in the Hamach Service Contract

  • The Hamach Warranty (standard or extended) does not cover consumable replacement items such as HCV filters and HCV dust bags, faults or repairs due to causes outside the control of Hamach, and faults or repairs due to carelessness of the HCV machine operator. 
  • Repairs due to:
    - Carelessness of the HCV machine operator
    - Changes made without the consent of the Hamach Service Department
    - Changes made by an unauthorized third party
  • Extra work for additional repairs or changes to the installation performed bu the Hamach Service Department on request of the customer. 
  • Repairs outside the scope of the Hamach Contract performed by the Hamach Service Department on request of the customer.
  • All costs incurred from the above activities will be charged.

The Hamach Service Department charges repair time, parts and installation costs per hour excluding VAT (travel expenses do not apply). 


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