The 2021 EMM Catalogue has arrived!

Check out the news about Colad, Hamach and Ronin Tools in the new 2021 EMM catalogue. Created for paint processing companies and industries to achieve maximum time and money savings.

EMM International BV is proud to receive ISO 14001 certification

Never before there have there been so many changes around us than at the moment, both socially and culturally. More than ever, there is a need for a clear and convincing focus. With this in mind, EMM has taken several initiatives of benefit to the industry.

Collect sanding dust with Hamach dust extraction systems tailored to applicable ATEX regulations

When a mixture of dusts & air combine in a way that they can ignite under certain operating conditions a potentially explosive atmosphere arises. Working in such an environment demands certified equipment, equipment that Hamach supplies.

EMM International B.V. receives the certificate GroenGedaan! from Stichting Duurzaam

Sustainability and well-being are important focus areas at EMM. We supply products where these are both top priority for our end users. The new GroenGedaan! certification confirms our commitment to sustainability for 2020.

Up to 10 years warranty on Hamach HCV!

Over the last thirty years, Hamach has designed and installed many high quality Hamach Central Vacuum (HCV) dust extraction systems for the automotive, shipbuilding and industrial section. HCV Central Vacuum for dust extraction is top of the range concerning: Service, Quality, Efficiency and Innovation. Our qualified Hamach engineers develop dust extraction systems that collect sanding dust at the source.

Find your perfect dust extractor with our HCV Product Tool

Fill in the HCV Selection Tool and you will find out in only a few minutes which Central Vacuum System will match your needs!

Hamach develops a computer scale for PPG industries

For a flawless and dust-free paint job starts you need to start with the basics: mixing the right colour.

Hamach introduces the quick and easy spray gun cleaner

Cleaning your spray gun in between jobs is a time consuming task. The quick and compact Hamach spray Gun Cleaner increases your productivity by enabling you to clean your spray gun from leftover water based paint in a matter of seconds!

Safety warning Hamach URS 600

Article numbers 000821 and 000822

Itas bodyshop training centre equipped with HCV

Professionals worldwide choose the quality and safety of Hamach Central Vacuum, and so did ITAS (UK).

Seperate collection of potentially eplosive dust with Hamach

Hamach introduces the HCV 50TQ EX Aluminum pre-separator for the separate collection of potentially explosive dust.

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