"For dust extractions and in the mixing room, Hamach was our first and only choice of supplier. Their customer service is always excellent and the quality of the product is exceptional." - Bryan Young, Chairman ITAS

Mazda Aftersales


"Bodyshops have to invest in the latest equipment, such as Hamach Central Vacuum. This complex dust extraction system sucks up dust from the latest dual action sanders used for working on steel or aluminum, preventing any contamination." - David Wilson Green, Mazda's Aftersales Director

Bekkers Collision Repair


"If we had to make another decision about dust extraction, we would immediately choose the expertise of Hamach again, along with its engineers and quality of the HCV machines.." - Harry Bekkers, Managing Director



"This efficient installation saves money, sanding materials and has a long service life."


Satisfied Customers Hamach Central Vacuum