Up to 10 years warranty on Hamach HCV!

Over the last thirty years, Hamach has designed and installed many high quality Hamach Central Vacuum (HCV) dust extraction systems for the automotive, shipbuilding and industrial section. HCV Central Vacuum for dust extraction is top of the range concerning: Service, Quality, Efficiency and Innovation. Our qualified Hamach engineers develop dust extraction systems that collect sanding dust at the source. 

Service and repair for Hamach HCV Central Dust Extraction Systems

The Hamach standard warranty period is 24 months for the HCV TQ series and 12 months for the HQ series. If you sign up for a Service Contract, Hamach extends the standard warranty period by:

  • 96 months for the HCV TQ series, with a maximum warranty period of 10 years*
  • 24 months for the HCV HQ series, with a maximum warranty period of 3 years*

* After invoice date.

This extended warranty period is only valid when it’s combined with a Hamach Service Contract and is concluded for a continuous period. The Hamach Extended Warranty ensures maximum support for your production process with an HCV TQ/HQ system that is always fully operational. 

When you choose Hamach, you choose a reliable and durable solution!

Yearly inspection for continuous performance of Hamach TQ and HQ systems

EMM International is responsible for fulfillment of Service Contracts for all Hamach series, which is performed by the Hamach Service Department or authorized partners. The Hamach Service Department provides:

  • Yearly maintenance inspections
  • Unscheduled repairs

Yearly service inspections are performed on the initiative of the Hamach Service Department or its authorized Hamach Service Partners. When it is time for the annual on-site visit, you will be contacted to arrange a suitable date. 

In the event of a malfunction of a Hamach machine, a service technician will arrive on working days (Monday – Friday) between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or other countries. The response time is always discussed with the Hamach Service Department or the authorized Hamach Service Partners. For more information about authorized Hamach Service Partners abroad, please contact sales@emm.com.

See here all the features and conditions of the Hamach service contract.

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