Hamach develops a computer scale for PPG industries

For a flawless and dust-free paint job starts you need to start with the basics: mixing the right colour.  Modern techniques offer a wide range of possibilities to estimate the correct colour match. Together with PPG industries, Hamach was looking for the best way to process paint. As a result, this new computer scale table was born. Perfectly adapted to providing the best colour matches.

This computer scale table offers various advantages for the user. It is made from 100% stainless steel, to ensure it has a long working life, and it is completely dust-free. It is ergonomically designed, with the user in mind. The height of the table can be easily adjusted to provide the perfect working height for the user.

''PPG and Hamach share the same market vision; innovation and development are massively important to both companies. A collaboration to optimise products was therefore a logical step to take. The expertise from Hamach, combined with the knowledge and experience from PPG’s colour IT specialist ‘Peter Gerrits’, has led to the creation of an ideal product for the end user.''
- Daan Bijsterbosch, Sales representative at EMM

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