Collect sanding dust with Hamach dust extraction systems tailored to applicable ATEX regulations

When a mixture of dusts & air combine in a way that they can ignite under certain operating conditions a potentially explosive atmosphere arises. Working in such an environment demands certified equipment, equipment that Hamach supplies.

Hamach Central Vacuum

All our HCV TQ systems are optionally available as ATEX zone 22 units and match the requirements in directive 2014/34/EU: “European directive for equipment & protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres”. These units are also suitable to extract potentially explosive dust (St1). That means that the following HCV machines have an ATEX Directive: HCV 18000 TQHCV 15000 TQHCV 9000 TQHCV 7000 TQHCV 5000 TQ and HCV 50 TQ EX Aluminium Pre-separator.

ATEX products

ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU

Most of our Hamach products are available as ATEX versions under Directive 2014/34/EU. This means that they are for use in potentially explosive atmospheres like spray booths or mixing rooms. The directive defines the essential health and safety requirements and therefore guarantees you a safe and healthy environment to get the most out of your expertise. Other Hamach products with an ATEX Directive are:

Spray Gun Washer in use


Over the last thirty years, Hamach has designed and installed many high quality Hamach Central Vacuum (HCV) dust extraction systems for the automotive, shipbuilding and industrial sectors. HCV Central Vacuum for dust extraction is top of the range concerning: Service, Quality, Efficiency and Innovation. Our Qualified Hamach engineers develop dust extraction systems that collect sanding dust at the source (the sanding machine). All of our systems are 100% tailored to your work process and applicable ATEX regulations.

Mazda is one of these customers already working with applicable ATEX regulations with the HCV 50 EX Aluminium Pre-separator. Want to know what they think about it? Check their reference here

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