Spray and Sanding Standards

A range of practical tools for easy sanding and paiting.

Accordion Trestle

Accordion trestle which lets you quickly and easily create a flexible sanding area. Equipped with 2 separately adjustable bars and 4 castors with brake. The replaceable foam holders provide protection for the sanding object.
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HLS 93 Paint Stand

A multifunctional Paint Stand for supporting sanding and paint jobs. Suitable for all body parts and bumpers.
  • Work safe
  • 180° rotatable, so body parts are easy accessible from all sides
  • Durable high quality
  • Easy moveable
With 7 accessories: 3 long rods with hooks, 1 set of 2 collecting hooks and 3 connection brace for mounting accessories. The accessories give extra comfort during painting small body parts such as mirrors and wheel rims. Dimensions: 210 x 140 x 170 cm. Not assembled. Per piece.  
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Telescopic Bars PS 4

A practical set of work stays to support boot lids, bonnets and doors during preparation. Per set of 3 lengths in a box.
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Sand / Spray Trestle

Sand / Spray Trestle. Universal trestle. Adjustable in different heights and 4-point support for large parts.
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