Testimonial Mazda on Hamach Central Vacuum

David Wilson-Green, Mazda’s Aftersales Director, explains how Mazda’s newly refurbished training centre for body repair technicians helps ensure cars repaired after a crash are as safe as the day they rolled off the production line.

Mazda has one watchword at the forefront of its mind: safety. The brightest brains, highly complex computer simulations, innovative engineering and extensive in-house and independent crash tests go towards ensuring every car meets or exceeds safety standards around the world. Mazda believes in not just the safety of their cars, but also in the safety of the employees. They understand the danger of working with aluminum; it’s extremely fine dust suspends in the atmosphere, and if exposed to a spark it combusts in a spectacular fashion.

Mazda joined forces with ITAS (International Technical Automotive Systems) the technical training and auditing partner for the approved body shop programs. ITAS provides body shop approval programs, world-class body shop training, ground-breaking software and critical data analysis. Their body and paint programs create best-in-class repair networks, bringing commercial value and delivering the best possible post-accident experience.

The HCV pre-separator for instance, is the ideal solution for the separate extraction of potentially explosive dust. Extreme caution should be taken if potentially explosive dust, such as fine aluminum sanding dust or oak dust (classification ST1), is released during your operations. The applicable ATEX regulations stipulate that potentially explosive dust must be collected separately and that it should not be mixed with regular metal dust. By using the pre-separator, the explosive dust will be separated automatically so you can sand these materials in the safest way possible.

"Body shops have to invest in the latest equipment, such as Hamach Central Vacuum. This complex dust extraction system, made in Holland, suck up dust from the latest dual action sanders used for working on steel or aluminum, preventing any contamination entering the body shop environment." - David Wilson-Green, Mazda's Aftersales Director

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