Mercedes-Benz Dealer Bedrijven's flagship location in The Hague uses new Hamach central vacuum dust extraction system

Mercedes-Benz Dealer Bedrijven's European flagship location in The Hague, which opened in 2019, was looking for a solution to replace three stand-alone dust extraction systems. They found their solution with the Hamach central vacuum dust extraction system, the HCV 9000 TQ.

Mercedes-Benz Dealer Bedrijven

Mercedes-Benz Dealer Bedrijven (a fully-owned subsidiary of Daimler AG) has branches in Alphen aan den Rijn, The Hague, Leiden, Maasdijk, Naaldwijk and Roelofarendsveen. The site in The Hague employs around 150 staff, twenty of whom work in the body repair workshop. In recent years, Mercedes-Benz Dealer Bedrijven has seen huge growth. As a brand, it is at the forefront of technical developments and produces cars of the highest quality. They work hard day in, day out to turn their goals into reality. The company's first European flagship location opened in The Hague in 2019.

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HCV 9000 TQ

For the site in The Hague, the Hamach central vacuum dust extraction system HCV 9000 TQ was designed and installed to support a dust-free work process. Replacing three stand-alone systems, the HCV 9000 TQ is designed for a 24/7 operational environment where nine sanders are connected and in use at the same time. The dust-free process increases efficiency and reduces defects in the paint process, with less dust in the working area resulting in higher efficiency and protecting staff from particulate matter (metal, plastic, filler and coatings) that can arise during sanding. 

About Hamach

HCV dust extraction systems are the leader when it comes to service, quality, safety, efficiency and innovation. Qualified Hamach engineers develop dust extraction systems that extract dust at the source (the sanders). All systems are also available as ATEX versions. In addition to the health benefits of less sanding dust, HCV dust extraction systems reduce the risk of spreading dust particles that may end up in the paint layer. The HCV dust extraction systems also come with efficient, high-quality filter cleaning. The filters remain dust-free even when extracting fillers or putties that leave behind a sticky, sandy residue. The same applies to abrasive dust from composite materials such as carbon fibre, fibreglass and polyester.

If you would like to know more about efficient and healthy sanding or how to separate aluminium sanding dust, take a look at our HCV dust extraction systems at

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