Safety warning Hamach URS 600


Article numbers 000821 and 000822

URS 600 units are intended for professional use. They are often used in areas where hazardous substances are handled, such as paints, varnishes and solvents. Consequently, there are safety risks associated with the unit and its surroundings, for which you need to take suitable measures.

We have found that the URS 600 untirs are not always installed, used and/or maintained according to the operation and maintenance documents provided with the URS 600 unit and in compliance with applicable directives. That can lead to a RISK OF EXPLOSION.

The Dutch Inspectorate SZW, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has instructed to stop using this product with immediate effect, until further notice.

If the unit is already in service, proceed as follows:

  • a) As a precaution, always stop the URS 600 unit by pressing the Off button. Wait until the URS 600 has fully cooled down, as indicated by the FAN lamp no longer being lit, so that you can safely open the outer lid (safety lid) and the inner lid of the URS 600 unit and remove your products.
  • b) Immediately ventilate the room where the URS 600 unit is located in order to dissipate escaped solvent vapours as quickly as possible. Check the room for the presence of any others potentially explosive vapours and eliminate them.


Finally, we ask you to send an email with your contact details to to confirm receipt of this letter. That way we know that you are aware of the contents of the letter, and can use that email address to send you further information.


November 2017 we informed you that the URS 600 unit in your possession may not be used until further notice by order of the Dutch inspectorate for occupational health and safety (SZW).

The URS 600 is made in Canada and has been certified by the notified body SGS Baseefa as ATEX compliant for the European market and as IECEx compliant for markets outside Europe. For the North American market, the URS 600 is certified UL 2208 compliant by the notified body Intertek. In addition to all these certifications, Dekra Certification has assessed the URS 600 as well. All of these expert parties (accredited notified bodies) agree and confirm that the device is safe as long as it is installed, maintained and operated correctly, and that the URS 600 therefore conforms to the applicable directives and standards!

Despite all these objective and verifiable substantiations and the many conversations that EMM has conducted with the SZW inspectorate, the inspectorate maintains their opinion regarding the URS 600, which means that for the time being, the URS 600 cannot be used by order of the SZW inspectorate. We realise the inconvenience to you as a user and ask for your understanding and patience, as for us at EMM, our only recourse now is to initiate legal proceedings against the SZW inspectorate.

As a first step, EMM has filed a formal appeal against the SZW inspectorate. This appeal will be assessed internally by the SZW inspectorate, and most likely it will not change the opinion of the SZW inspectorate. Only after the position of the SZW inspectorate has been formally made known (within 8 weeks at most) will we be able to launch legal proceedings.

For the sake of clarity, we note that the SZW inspectorate’s opinion could result in regeneration units up to 40 litres no longer being allowed to be sold within the entire European Union. Up to now the SZW inspectorate has only targeted EMM, violating the principle of equal treatment and the prohibition on arbitrary action. This creates a major disadvantage for EMM and our customers, who are strongly affected by the rigid stance and subjective procedure of the SZW inspectorate. 

We naturally understand that this news does not help you as a user of the URS 600. Unfortunately, that is the situation in which we all find ourselves now.

As soon as we have more clarity, we will inform you of the progress. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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