Find your perfect dust extractor with our HCV Product Tool

Fill in the HCV Selection Tool and you will find out in only a few minutes which Central Vacuum System will match your needs!

Central Dust Extraction

Hamach has class leading dust extraction solutions for industrial work processes: HCV, Hamach Central Vacuum Systems. All HCV Systems are custom made from high quality material and designed by experienced engineers for each specific customer. Depending on the size of your company, requirements and budget, the Hamach experts build your custom made HCV installation. 

Reduce sanding dust in your work environment for:

  • A healthy work environment
  • Perfect sanding result



Find your perfect dust extractor

Design your own HCV Central Dust Extraction System with the Hamach Product Tool. Fill in the HCV Product Tool and you will find out in only a few minutes which Central Vacuum Systems will match your needs. In short each HCV system consists of 4 specific parts:

  1. Central vacuum unit
    Each HCV system starts with one of Hamach's central vacuum units. This may vary from a small and portable HCV 410 HQ suitable for 4 extraction points, up to an industrial HCV 18000 TQ suitable for 18 extraction points. 
  2. Piping
    The chosen Central Vacuum will be equipped with the requested pipework. The steel pipes of each HCV unit are electrically conductive and grounded. 
  3. Optional pre-separator
    50 TQ EX Pre-separator for seperation of potentially explosive dust. Optional for this machine is a blast cover available,
  4. Extraction points
    For easy access we equip every work station with the extraction points of your choice.

Your HCV System

Go to the Product Tool and take a look yourself! 

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