Vacuum Cleaner HMV 6-L EA/PA



A compact and powerful mobile vacuum cleaners line suitable for dry and liquid suctioning. 1400 W powerful engine. Manually adaptable suction power. Supplied with an intelligent start system. Supplied with an automatic filter cleaning system. L-certified (filtration rate of > 99.9%). 1400 W - 73 L/sec. Underpressure 270 mbar. Noise level 69 dB (A). Electric Automatic switch (EA) + Pneumatic Automatic switch (PA). Automatic start system, automatic filter cleaning. Suitable for vacuuming fluids. Warranty 24 months. Standard: Combihose 4 m (art.no. 009962Y) + Double hose connector (art.no. 077682) + Dust bag (1 piece)(art.no. 076802).

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